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Dearest Customer, 

MRC Sourcing Limited noted that there are unlawful people assuming the brand ofthrough an online website and online shop, and selling autobahn88 products without our authorization; therefore, MRC Sourcing Limited hereby does remind the public is the 
ONLY one official website which launched by MRC Sourcing Limited.

MRC Sourcing Limited has registered for Trade Mark. Below is our Trade Mark number:

EU Trademark #: 009871526 and 009871666

We will take the legal action if anyone who dispute the Trade Mark of .

Between, we have received many emails from our existed customer reporting that there are some fake websites selling the products with autobahn88 brand online and spamming to their email in-box.

Below lists is the online shop which are authorized by MRC Sourcing Limited, the buyer can buy the item online safely:

Authorized Retail Online Store:

Authorized & Trusted eBay Store ( eBay ID):









Beside, we declare that all affairs of those fake websites / Companies are not related to MRC Sourcing Limited. We would like to advise the buyer not to give ready credence to the contents in the fake websites / Companies, so as to avoid economic loss. We are welcome if you report those fake websites / companies to us when you find it.

We will update our official website ( if we have any new authorized online shop.
For enquiry or confirmation of the details of the companies and the Dealer / Distributors who in charge in respect of the Hong Kong and overseas businesses, please contact at MRC Sourcing Limited’s UK headquarter.

MRC Sourcing Limited

July 1, 2018